Why Should One Get Listed With the B2B Portal of Supplier4buyer?

Why Should One Get Listed With the B2B Portal of Supplier4buyer?


The referred organisation is considered to be India’s number one E-commerce website. It being a registered unit through the scheme of StartupIndia in 2020, the B2B platform has been connecting thousands of verified suppliers as well as manufacturers who are selling high quality products to different buyers all over the industry. One can get listed with it either as a buyer or a supplier. Here are mentioned few of the reasons to register with this leading B2B platform:

Commencing with the advantages that can be achieved by the suppliers and manufacturers:

A supplier is at benefit solely when he/she is able to connect to his/her target consumers. The economy grows when the demands are met and the profit margin of the vendors increase. Taking into consideration the formerly stated ideology, the organisation focuses on ensuring quality as well as genuineness of the deals that it is mediating. The same has been recorded to provide an absolute 100% competent deals to the buyers that are allied to it.

Exclusively for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it is the prime B2B portal to offer a B2B marketplace to them. Nowadays, SMEs play an imperative role in the nation’s overall production output and they are in the core part of the economic growth of growing countries like India. The contributions of formal SMEs are more than 50% of total employment and 35% of the national revenue of emerging economies. Thus the organisation, keeping in mind that it is the need of the hour to escalate the opportunities that are provided to SMEs, provides a platform to the same for the sole purpose of facilitation of their growth.

A ubiquitously accepted principle states that one should reward the most active in order to provide it an upper hand and the opportunity to be distinctive, as well as to motivate the others in the race. Taking into account the same, the B2B portal includes the constantly updating list of recommended suppliers of the month. It is undergone by the B2B portal to encourage the suppliers to perform better as well to spread awareness amongst the buyers about the most lucrative opportunities that are prevailing. This helps the top performing suppliers to reach out to the potential consumers at an ease. Moreover, if a supplier is already recommended by the B2B portal, the same would be having a lead as well as a chance of performing less aggressive selling.

One of the salient elements of marketing is advertisement and promotion. It is highly vital for the vendors and manufacturers to spread awareness about the products that are being offered by them so as to alert the buyers about the same and initiate sales. Thus, the B2B Company allows its registered suppliers to advertise their brand and goods on its own portal. This allows the suppliers to have assistance in reaching out to the best buyer that are seeking the same product in the market.

Furthermore, following are the advantages received by the buyers:

It is highly necessary that the buyers are provided with a vast assortment of goods from multiple industries so that they can make appropriate choices from a multifarious range of products. Moreover the same would allow the buyers to have an upper hand in terms of negotiation of prices as well as more than one supplier to approach. As a result, the B2B platform provides supplies from 27 unique thriving industries, each having multiple suppliers offering premium quality products. Following is a list of the same:

Agriculture and Farming, Automobile Parts and Spare, Building and Construction, Chemical, Education and Training, Electronics and Electrical, Engineering Services, Facility Management and Housekeeping Services, Food and Beverages, Furniture and Supplies, Handicraft and Decorative, Health Products and drugs, Herbal and Ayurvedic Products, Hospital and Diagnosis, House wares and Supplies, HR Consultants and Placement Agencies, Industrial Plants and Machinery, Industrial Supplies, IT and Telecom Services, Lab instruments and Supplies, Mechanical Parts and Spares, Metal Alloys and Minerals, Packaging Machines and Goods, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Safety System and Services, Textile and Apparels and Transportation and Logistics.

Summary- Are you aware of the advantages that as a buyer or a supplier you can avail post registering with the India’s leading B2B platform: supplier4buyer? If not, here is a detailed elucidation of the same.



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