Which B2B Portal can help me to find verified manufacturers & suppliers?

Indian Exporters Directory can help me to find verified manufacturers & suppliers


Supplier4buyer, commonly known as the largest Indian B2B portal, is primarily recognized in the B2B market for reflecting a steady acceleration in the performance achieved by providing the most genuine supply deals and highly satisfactory client service. Furthermore, it is the chief B2B portal in the market which became the first E-Marketplace for SMEs. Providing 100% proficient leads to the clients, it has accomplished the title of India’s number 1 B2B portal. It provides a range of diverse supplies with respect to 27 blooming industries.

Nowadays, the pervasive concern that the best buyers in the B2B market come across is the genuineness or the legitimacy with respect to the deals that are offered to them by various suppliers.

A Verified Suppliers is a vendor of whom the certain aspects of his/her company outline, administration system, manufacturing capabilities, process controls have been assessed, certified and  inspected by sovereign third party institutions via online and offline means.

Supplier4buyer, as mentioned above offers enormous multifarious and assorted goods from twenty-seven distinct and flourishing industries, successfully facilitating the supply chain in the economy. 

While entering into a contract with any supplier to get him/her associated with the B2B portal, supplier4buyer ensures the following factors:

  • The B2B portal initiates scanning and analysing the legally authenticated documents provided by the suppliers which are evident for his / her profile and validity. This is done to ensure that the supplier has a sole intention of offering fair services to the clients.
  • Assessment of the goods provided by the vendor in terms of quality and durability is another factor towards which supplier4buyer has a check upon.
  • Once the verification process is done, the suppliers are asked to register themselves on the portal of supplier4buyer and provide sufficient information which can be used by the buyers in case of any query or grievance.

Thus, with the interpretation of above mentioned factors, it can be concluded that the suppliers and the Indian manufacturers that are linked to the B2B E- commerce platform of supplier4buyer are 100% genuine so as the buyers can have a deal which can satisfy their needs and demands, with supplier4buyer successfully mediating the same.

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Summary- Supplier4buyer has launched its B2B platform wherein you can connect with the verified suppliers and Indian manufacturers in order to achieve absolutely genuine deals. Here is the elucidation of the same.




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