Have you ever wondered about the current prospects and market scenario of B2B E-Commerce in India? How does one become a burgeoning B2B marketplace? Well, here are the answers to your questions.

Recently, Economic experts have envisaged that India’s B2B industry will highly likely be worth more than Rs 70 lakh crore in the upcoming years. As per the data brought into public view by SME finance companies, B2B online industry is six times greater than that of B2Cs in India.

Coming to B2B E-Commerce, approximately 15 million users are fuelling the $525 billion market which will reach to become a $700+ billion industry. Investing in this segment of the market would undeniably be a profitable resolution for the business visionaries considering the fact that B2B market players are the Drivers of the industry!

For your better comprehension of the same, let us now converse on the subject of the top ranked market players that are contributing towards the nation being a massive and a lucrative economic hub for the B2B investors.

  • Supplier4buyer: Commencing with the India’s leading B2B platform, indisputably supplier4buyer has been a game changer for the verified suppliers and manufacturers in the nation. Founded in 2020 and attaining the title of India’s No. 1 and the largest B2B portal e-commerce, they have been providing miscellaneous opportunities for the enormous genuine vendors to connect with the buyers, leading to having a record of offering the optimal most deals. Being a part of the Indian exporters directory as well, they are the first and the foremost company in the market which to become an E-Marketplace to SMEs. Having possessed the primacy of the same, it has been offering 100% qualified leads over the competitive market players. You would be awestruck to know that they have consistently been a predominant figure in the industry by acting as a reliable intermediary for the suppliers and the buyers by being 360 degree Digital Marketing Solution. We would furthermore like to mention that apart from solely providing trade deals like the majority of the players in the market, supplier4buyer additionally provides opportunities of advertisement and brand coverage to the stakeholders, making them as the best B2B portal of all time.
  • Indiamart: It is an Indian B2B Online Website founded in the year 1996. You can sell or buy wholesale products online across the world or India. It has a large number of suppliers from all around the world selling different types of products and services. It is facilitates the SMEs in terms of B2B commerce.

TradeIndia:Started in 1996, TradeIndia portal is owned and run by Infocom Network Ltd company. TradeIndia is another place for buyers and sellers where you could find distinct product categories and sub-categories on the website.

WebDealIndia: This portal has been created as a B2C and B2B marketplace. It presents an inventory to the buyers to choose their favourite products, interact with the stores, get wholesale offers, and pay online.



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