Supplier4Buyer marks The Rise of E-commerce in the Indian B2B Automotive Industry


The Automotive industry constitutes of all the firms that are into designing, manufacturing, and marketing motor vehicles. India is currently running at the 5th position in terms of the size of its automobile industry. Considering the stake in the aggregate production, the same industry holds a contribution of 7.5-10% in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation and 4-5% share in the exports of the country as well.

The market is forecasted to grow by 44% within the period of 2020-2027 and is likely to hit almost 7-million-unit annual sales by 2027. The industry, moreover, might create five crore direct and indirect jobs in this decade. In April-March 2020, overall automobile exports registered a growth of 2.95% in India. Passenger vehicles exports increased by 0.2 % (approximately) and two-wheeler exports reflected a growth of 7.30% in April-March 2020.The entire sector engrossed $24.5 billion Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) during the April 2000 – June 2020; the same is said to be accounting for 5.1% of the total FDI inflows of the entire country. The rise in the demand for cars, and other vehicles, supplemented by the increase in the annual income becomes the chief growth driver of the automobile industry in India. The launch of effective initiatives like tailor made finance schemes as well as schemes that are allowing repayment of loans at an ease has also assisted the augmentation of the automobile sector.

B2B E-commerce and the Automotive Industry

Having stated previously that the industry is marking a consistent ascend in its demand, the B2B firms are increasing their contribution towards the automobile supply, making it as one of the most prominent domain of B2B marketing.

Modern technology facilitates B2B automotive brands to restructure their sales processes and automate a lot of manual as well transportation costs that are increasingly high otherwise, are reduced down and profit margin is increased. Through technological advancement, firms are able to create self-service portals that are open to operate 24/7, promoting and mediating genuine and perfect deals. One such thriving B2B platform is termed as supplier4buyer, which specializes in dealing of auto parts, connecting the manufactures of automobile parts directly to the buyers at a profit to both the parties.

Contribution of Supplier4buyer (India’s leading B2B platform) in the Automotive Industry

Founded in 2020 as a ‘StartupIndia’ registered entity, Supplier4buyer is an exceptional cloud-based unified Indian B2B e-commerce platform, linking millions of verified buyers and suppliers present in the national as well as in the international market. Having headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, it aims at improvising the supply chain of the modern industrial era by adding value to the B2B industry. Furthermore, it is the prime B2B portal in the market to initiate becoming an E-Marketplace for SMEs. Providing 100% competent leads to the clients, it has accomplished the title of India’s number 1 B2B portal. It provides a range of diverse supplies with respect to 27 blooming industries, one of which is the automotive industry.

Supplier4buyer offers an extensive range of the utmost fine quality of automobile spare parts that facilitate the production of the finished goods in the automobile industry, for instance automotive parts and spare like gaskets, lubricants etc that are sourced exclusively from listed auto parts manufacturers and dealers.

Below is a complete list of the goods that are provided through the B2B portal of supplier4buyer:

Automobile Fuel Oil and Lubricants, Automobile Oil and Lubricants, Automobile other tools, Automobile Services, Automotive Bearing and support spring, Automotive Cleaning and Detailing, Automotive Drive train and components spare, Automotive Electronics, Automotive Exterior, Automotive Filters seal Ring Sleeve and Gaskets, Automotive Interior, Automotive Power train and component spare, Automotive Radiator Support coupling Valve, Automotive Tools and Die, Battery, Battery Accessories, Commercial Construction Agricultural Automobile, Electricity driven Automobile and Parts, Hydraulic Jacks and Lifting Equipments, Lamps, Lighting, Loan, Road Transportation, Services and specification Based Automobile and Two and Three wheeler Part Spare and Accessories.

Summary- Are you on the lookout for the best B2B portal dealing in auto-parts? Here is Supplier4buyer; India’s leading online platform to provide 100% genuine deals.

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