Supplier4buyer: India’s Top B2B Portal Adopts A New Look


Supplier4buyer (the largest and the no. 1 Indian B2B portal) has been predominantly acknowledged in the B2B market for marking a consistent acceleration in the performance achieved by providing perfect supply deals and client service. Moreover, it is unanimously considered as the 1St amongst the top 10 B2B portals in India. Recently, it has transformed its look into a new one, keeping into consideration the dynamics of the business environment in the modern era.

The new website throws a light upon a combination of supply deals as well as laying emphasis towards the broad-spectrum awareness concerning the suppliers and buyers in the B2B market.

For buyers to achieve the best deal possible and have a better understanding regarding the leading suppliers in the market, the top 4 suppliers associated with the organization are ranked and made to reflect under the head of ‘Suppliers of The Month’. The same is categorized on the basis of the genuineness of the deal provided by them as well as the product quality.

Likewise, the portal also reflects the top offers that are prevalent in the market, in addition to the top 6 trending industries as well as top 4 recommended suppliers of the month, throwing a light on the quality product being provided by the same.

To ensure the principal of transparency is being followed, the portal, furthermore, provides a crystal clear idea about the cities where the supply is sourced from. Moreover, on the grounds of customer satisfaction, the portal highlights the honest feedbacks received from the customers who previously availed the service of Supplier4Buyer. The same factors make supplier4buyer inimitable amongst the competitors in the list of B2B portals in India.


It is highly ubiquitous in the present times that in order to possess a thriving business, one should be aware about the business environment that focuses on changes in the following:

Legal, Economical and Technological sectors

Thus, Supplier4buyer tends to provide consistent updates to the general public and stakeholders, concerning the insights of the market, which would further lead to ease for the readers in forecasting and analysing the ways of achieving optimization while trading.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, an up-to-date blog website has been created for the sole purpose of imbibing cognizance of the industrial world.

The blog website includes the following:

  • Articles and blogs: Covering the most recent topics pertaining to the global economy under the sub heads of ‘Business industries’ and ‘Service industries’.
  • Advertisement and Guest Post: Providing Opportunity to the public for posting advertisements promoting their product as well as allowing guest posting.
  • Thought of the day: Posting elite and motivational thoughts and sayings so as to inculcate a sense of the same in the reader
  • Latest News: Keeping into consideration all the latest ventures, transactions and updates about the economic and Supplier4buyer: INDIA’S TOP B2B PORTAL ADOPTS A NEW LOOK

Supplier4buyr Portal New Look



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