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Supplier4Buyer a growing B2B Portal that helps you to grow your Business in this Pandemic

Not all things in life are in our control. You can control how you face situations; that is, your perspective towards a situation. When Covid19 hit India in 2020, no one knew that it could impact our lives to this extent, but here we are, standing together, facing the hard struck virus.

In the times, when an individual is affected emotionally, there are many barriers that are still to be crossed. The biggest one seems to be financial growth in business. If you are someone whose business is at stake majorly due to pandemic, then Supplier4Buyer can prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

Supplier4Buyer is a business-to-business (B2B) site that meets the needs of both enterprises and individuals. A simple online registration is all that is required to use their services. The most significant advantage of being a member of Supplier4Buyer is the ability to advertise online. Yes, indeed! They have everything you’ll need to expand your company.

How Supplier4Buyer B2B Portal helps you with Online Advertisements?

Supplier4Buyer is a renowned B2B platform that serves a wide range of commercial and personal needs. Registering as a supplier on their portal has a number of advantages, one of which is the ability to advertise online. Suppliers can use the following services to help with online marketing:

  1. Brief profile with pictures
  2. Verified Business Leads
  3. User friendly Products Catalogue
  4. PAN India presence
  5. E-brochure download
  6. Individual domain
  7. Use of Keywords
  8. Promotional messages
  9. Social media Promotion
  10. WhatsApp connectivity

Benefits of Online Advertisement

As we read in previous sections, online advertisements consist of not just posting up a marketing campaign and running a business, but it’s also about how efficiently you do it. In case you are still wondering if online advertisements from Supplier4Buyer will work for you or not, then check this out!

  1. Reduced Cost

Online advertising is believed to be far less expensive than traditional types of advertising such as television commercials, radio commercials, or billboards. The low cost of electronic communication has made this possible. For example, social media can be used for free on the internet, and the level of interaction we get from social media marketing is enormous.

  1. Analytical Approach

Analytical thinking is used in online advertising. After you’ve run the ad, you’ll be able to choose which areas to focus on and what should be removed or improved. Unlike old approaches, there are various aspects such as target audience, engagements, reach, and views that must be monitored and thus give you better outcomes.

For example, you’ll never know how many people saw the booklet given on the billboard you placed. We can readily evaluate how well the ad is performing and where modifications are needed with internet marketing and compensation strategies such as CPC (cost per click), CPE (cost per engagement), CPV (cost per view), or RVM (revenue per mile).

  1. Round The Clock Marketing

One of the most notable advantages of Internet advertising is the ability to market 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may advertise your company for the entire day without having to worry about time zones around the world. People from all over the world and in all time zones will be able to see the adverts and visit your website. As a result, they have a large consumer base and a global reach.

  1. Personalization

From time to time, online ads can be customized and styled to meet your needs. For example, a visually appealing advertisement that directs you to the company’s website will aid in generating traffic. Users can either ask questions or simply click on the CTA.

Due to this factor, online ads builds relationships. Users can follow the ads, get a subscription and hence will be retained.

Online advertising is an effective approach to expand your business during a pandemic. If you are a manufacturer or supplier looking for potential buyers then Supplier4Buyer is the platform where you can get your targeted audience along with additional benefits.


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