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Need for Procurement Automation in B2B marketplace: Intelligent Purchase With Supplier4Buyer

Do you ever feel exhausted due to the long-drawn processes associated with procurement? 

For instance, even when you are available with your product as a supplier, it is a never-ending process of finding the right buyer and negotiating with them, let alone reaching the final stage of contract and invoice. Such wearisome procedure is often a hindrance to achieving business growth and profitability for small and mid-sized organizations. 

At a time when efficiency is paramount at every step of an organization’s functioning, it is imperative to deploy the required technology. Suppose that the B2B platform helps you generate leads, but after, you are all on your own. To get ahead of the competition, you need to economize on your time and money, a possibility through automation. 

Supplier4Buyer deploys complete procurement automation in three steps to assist SMEs in realizing their potential.

  • B2B Portal

An initial step for buyers and sellers, suppliers promote their businesses on the platform for associations with potential buyers and conducting transactions. 

  • E-Sourcing portal

Here, the platform provides E-auction, a feature to execute transparent negotiations and optimal price discovery made available through a SaaS model. 

  • Source-to-Settle

This functionality is a complete procurement suite that ensures close supplier monitoring and communication and enables contract management and E-invoicing. 

A One-Stop solution for you!

Intelligent Purchase is a streamlining tool launched by Supplier4Buyer with an assurance of success for business enterprises. It is a single integrated platform to address end-to-end offline procurement processes from supplier outreach to e-invoicing along with visible benefits:-

  • Supplier Reach

Isn’t it a consuming process to go on and on looking for suppliers or buyers that exactly suit your needs? To help you succeed, Intelligent Purchase presents a wide range of suppliers/buyers and even lets you finalize the right ones.

  • Transparency

At every step of the way, transparency is at the forefront, especially in your ongoing negotiations and price discovery to assist you in completing the process. 

  • Compliance

Regulation is a critical part, and we realize that! There is continuous improvement in compliance policies while avoiding it being a tedious process. 

  • Time and Cost

It is tough to believe something so efficient can be cost-saving too, but it is something which will never be a drain on your resources. 
Supplier4Buyer offers a streamlined solution to push the businesses forward for buyers and suppliers at an option of different Annual Subscriptions that provide a range of services.


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