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How to get verified leads for your business?

If you were told a few years ago that businesses across the world would shift on the Internet, you would not have believed it. But the recent trends show how businesses from all segments are making a shift towards online models. The world has become smaller as businesses embark on various online platforms to sell their products and even services.

The B2B model of business has been providing benefits to organisations for a very long time. Its main aim is to provide collaborations between various businesses. Many businesses need products from other businesses as raw material or end products. B2B platforms provide solutions by providing a link between various enterprises. Nowadays, with a shift to online portals, even the B2B segment has spread its wings to procure opportunities through online portals. 

Supplier4Buyer is an online B2B portal that provides solutions to several B2B needs across myriads of product and service segments. One of the top B2B portals in India, it helps businesses to connect to other businesses and clients through an online listing. This cloud-based model enables enterprises to flourish with a click of a button on their smartphones or desktops/laptops. Businesses can avail of their services through an easy-to-use website that provides products and services across segments of commodities. For instance, you can find products from the following categories by various manufacturers in India

Supplier4Buyer believes in generating genuine leads for their clients.The leads provided are verified buyers. S4B believes in serving their clients and thus make your work hassle-free by providing you customers who are genuinely interested in buying your products. To achieve this, Supplier4Buyer works tirelessly to gain customers through direct interaction with them on behalf of their clients. This is one of the reasons why Supplier4buyer has been climbing up the list of top 10 B2B portals in India. Here is your simple guide to register on the platform and avail of the beneficial services for your business.

  1. Register as a Supplier You need to register on the portal as a supplier and you ought to have a product that you want to sell through the platform. 
  2. Create a catalogue: After getting registered on the platform, you need to create a product catalogue on the website that lists the products you want to sell through the platform to clients and businesses.
  3. Get Verified buyers: Once you are registered with a catalogue, you start to receive verified buyers that want to buy your products through the online portal.

Supplier4Buyer aims to accelerate the business of its clients through its operations. The platform provides cloud-based solutions by fulfilling the conversion needs of the businesses. Their USP is to provide verified business leads to their suppliers thus making them reach the right client for their businesses without much effort.



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