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How Supplier4Buyer boosts the business requirement of the Handicraft Industry Domestic Suppliers and Exporters?

Supplier4Buyer is an online b2b portal that provides a database of over 2 million companies in over 400 different industries to assist businesses promote and create leads. Due to the lockdown, sales in the handcrafted business were hampered, but with new features, they are projected to expand in the next few years.

Handicraft Industry in Covid19 and recent trends

Artists pour their heart and soul into creating entrancing decorative crafts, which is the most beautiful kind of art. This business, often known as artisanal crafts, has seen tremendous expansion in recent years. 

COVID-19 erupted in China toward the end of 2019 as a result of the massive drop in the world economy; experts predict that the global economy’s growth rate will drop by around 4%. This is a decrease of a few percentage points from previous years.

Here are the factors that influence the national and international markets in times of pandemics.

  • Handicraft Industry is divided into the following categories – Wooden Decorative Handicraft – 31%, Textile Handicrafts & Fabrics – 27%, Metal Handicraft – 23%, Handmade Jewelry – 17%, Pottery & Terracotta – 2%
  • Woodwares are the most popular sort of handicraft product worldwide.
  • The household sector, which includes home decor, furniture, jewellery, home textiles, and other categories, currently dominates the market. The majority of handicrafts are offered by mass shops, which offer a wide range of products at lower rates than usual.
  • Because North American consumers can spend a lot of money on handicrafts like handmade jewellery, apparel, and home items, the region has a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Handicrafts Products offered by Supplier4Buyer

Exporters from all over India, including major cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, and others, are represented on Supplier4Buyer. The following is a list of products available on the S4B website:

Supplier4Buyer Packages for Handicraft Industry

The online market has a huge potential for all manufacturers and exporters in the handicraft business. As a result, Supplier4Buyer’s b2b portal is pleased to introduce three domestic packages and three international packages, each with its unique set of advantages and certain standard features listed below.

Domestic Packages

  1. Online Catalogue

240 verified leads in a year, 100 products with 300 images, Unlimited keywords

  1. Value Supplier Package

500 verified leads in a year, V-trust verification, Online Catalogue Creation, 5000 promotional messages, Customer’s social media channels creation, Google My Business Registration, Banner advertisement – inside category

  1. Supreme Supplier Package

1800 verified leads in a year, Online Catalogue Creation, Client’s website link – eCommerce website, V-trust verification, WhatsApp connectivity, Banner advertisement HomePage – 4 months, Customer’s social media channels creation, 15000 promotional messages, Product’s Video Presentation, Google My Business Registration, 5 Keywords top 3 rankings, 36 Posting on S4B Social Channel

Common benefits of Domestic Packages: 

  • Individual domain 
  • eBrochure download
  • PAN Indian presence
  • Unlimited Buyer’s Enquiries
  • Catalogue – language converter

Exporter Packages

  1. Silver Package

100 product profile with 400 images, 10 verified leads in a year

  1. Gold Package

200 product profile with 800 images, 20 verified leads in a year, sponsored ad- bonus in your category 2 keyword on S4B.com, export oriented catalogue, USP line on product’s company search, banner ad inside category, Google My Business Registration, online catalogue creation, 5000 promotional mailer in buyer’s data in your category, eMagazine, social media channel creation

  1. Diamond Package

400 product profile with 1600 images, 50 verified leads in a year, sponsored ad- bonus in your category 2 keyword on S4B.com, export oriented catalogue, USP line on product’s company search, Banner Home Page ad, Google My Business Registration, client’s web link, 10 keywords top 3 ranking in supplier4buyer.com, online catalogue, 5000 promotional mailer in buyer community, eMagazine, eMagazine full page advertisement, social media channel creation, SEO on 3 keywords in 5 countries, Google SEO on 3 keywords in 5 countries, Facebook & Google marketplace creation, company social media channel, product video presentation, 

Common benefits of Exporter Packages:

  • Individual domain (email IDs as per package selected)
  • unlimited buyer inquiries worldwide
  • catalogue- language converter
  • promote company 365 days
  • verified supplier / verified manufacturer


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