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How are Online Advertisement turning out to be extremely beneficial for businesses in this pandemic?

Whether it is switching on a TV, turning your radio on, or listening to music on popular websites or music apps, online advertisements have left no space in digital media. Just like air, it is everywhere. But do you know, apart from being entertaining like Nike or Snickers to completely annoying like Spotify ads, online advertisement can serve as one of the best platforms for your business to run effectively in this pandemic?

Today, we will be discussing how an online ad can benefit your business, what are its different types and how to is Supplier4Buyer portal useful for online marketing.

What is Online Advertisement?

A form of marketing and advertising with the help of the internet, which promotes a brand or an organization is known as online advertising, digital advertising, online marketing, or web advertising. The aim is to accomplish the AIDA (attention, interest, desire & action) model of marketing.

Types of Online Advertisement

Methods of Online Advertising is a vast area to discuss on. Considering todays’ scenario of this marketing, here are 7 major types of online advertisements:

1. Social Media Advertising

A top-notch method to advertise and gain consumers is social media marketing. It is a very effective form of online advertising in the world where people are spending more time on social media, randomly scrolling their feed.

2. Display Advertising

You must have heard that visuals are more appealing, and we are sure you would have experienced it yourself. An advertisement that includes graphics, videos, photographs, animations to target the audiences is known as display advertising. It includes banners (web & traditional), pop-ups/pop-unders, floating ad, expanding ad, and sponsored stories.

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is used for website visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with the help of Search Engine Optimisation and Sponsored Search.

4. Content Marketing

This form of marketing targets organic reach and helps in retaining customers. Blogs, news, case studies, e-books, infographics and others are used for Content Marketing.

5. Email Advertising

Don’t you find the emails from food brands popping up in your inbox interesting? We are sure you would be opening those emails first before starting your work. This is how email marketing works. The subject lines should be catchy enough to grab your attention and retain the customers.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to influencer marketing, where you are collaborating with a third party for increasing the traffic with the help of their networks.

7. Mobile Advertising

Something which is always kept handy should be the greatest way of advertising and advertisers are very cleverly using it. SMS/MMS, mobile applications, push notifications are some forms of mobile advertising.

Benefits of Online Advertisement

1. Reduced Cost

As compared to traditional forms of advertising like TV ads, radio ads or billboards, online advertisement is considered to be much cheaper. This happens due to the low cost of electronic communication. For instance, social media can be used with minimal internet costs and the amount of engagement we get by social media ads is immensely large.

2. Analytical Approach

Online Ads runs on an analytical approach. Once you have run the ad, you can figure out which area to work on and what should be removed or enhanced. There are multiple factors like target audience, engagements, reach, views, etc that needs monitoring and hence provides you with better results, unlike traditional methods. You can never know how many people saw the distributed pamphlet on the billboard you have put up. With online marketing and their compensation methods like CPC (cost per click), CPE (cost per engagement), CPV (cost per view), or RVM (revenue per mile), we can easily understand how well the ad is doing and where do we need improvements.

3. Round The Clock Marketing

The most prominent advantages of online advertising include a 24/7 marketing strategy. You can advertise your business for the whole day without worrying about the time zones of the world. People will be able to see the ads and access your website sitting in any part of the globe and in any time zone. In this way, these provide a wide customer base and global reach.

4. Personalization

Online ads can be personalized and formatted as per the needs from time to time. For example, an advertisement that is visually attractive and leads you to the company website will help in increasing traffic. Users can ask queries or directly click on CTA. 

Due to this factor, online ads builds relationships. Users can follow the ads, get a subscription and hence will be retained.

How Supplier4Buyer helps you with Online Advertisements?

Supplier4Buyer is a leading B2B portal that caters for the various needs of businesses and individuals. Registering as a supplier to their portal gives multiple benefits, one of which includes online advertising. They have the following services for the suppliers which aid in online marketing:

  1. Brief profile with pictures
  2. PAN India presence
  3. E-brochure download
  4. Individual domain
  5. Use of Keywords
  6. Promotional messages
  7. Social media Promotion
  8. WhatsApp connectivity

Online advertisement is an effective approach to expand your business. If you are a manufacturer or supplier looking for potential buyers then Supplier4Buyer is the platform where you can get your targeted audience along with additional benefits.


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