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The challenges faced by B2B business and their solutions

A B2B enterprise aims at providing a product/service that is not consumed directly by the end-user but is either used by a different business in its operations or processed as a raw material in the manufacturing of a firm. This means that a B2B model gives solutions to other businesses by offering a suitable product or service.

The B2B model is quite different from a B2C business model which leads to different kinds of problems faced by B2B firms. A business catering to end consumers has to face a few roadblocks as their products/services come with simpler use and buyer needs. For instance, it is easier to sell a piece of women’s clothing in the market than to sell hardware used by a business in its operation.

There are various challenges faced by a B2B company when it comes to selling their products in the market. Since not every company can be lucky enough to hire a salesperson like Dwight Schrute or Jim Halpert who can sell a mundane product like paper with ease, it would be better for companies to solve these issues with pragmatic options. Here are a few problems related to sales faced by a B2B portals in India

  1. Limited Integration of technology: Have you always wondered how after visiting a product link online, you keep seeing the same product time and again until you give in to buying the particular product. It is easier to integrate technology in B2C products but even B2B enterprises can utilise technology integration to its maximum limit through integrating SEO, website, online social media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for better communication with the target client.
  2. Fitting global markets’ needs: B2B businesses work well in local markets but when it comes to expanding their product/service to an international market, they lack the proper knowledge. Their unawareness bars them from making optimum utilisation of a global marketplace and thus they require a simpler channel to take their products in international markets.
  3. Technical and highly engineered product: It is easy to sell a lifestyle product but when it comes to a B2B market, the products are technical and engineered like mechanical parts and spares. It becomes quite complicated for a company to sell an automation system designed for a business or  an equipment manufactured for a specialised industrial operation. 
  4. Redundant Jargons: Most B2B businesses dealing in highly engineered products are left with no alternative but to use technical jargons for marketing through websites. This makes the user interaction quite cumbersome leading to less conversion rates.
  5. Competition: Numerous sellers are selling the same products in the B2B market segment. The crowded sellers tend to sell their products at competitive prices as generally, they are the manufacturers and first in the line of production. This also -stands in the way to procure a profitable market for B2B marketers.

These problems are faced by almost all B2B sellers. Such problems can be solved effectively with proper solutions. Supplier4Buyer is an online platform that offers solutions to businesses operating in the B2B sector. Supplier4Buyer is an online B2B portal that provides verified suppliers/manufacturers with verified buyers. It is one of the top B2B portals in India. The suppliers only need to register and purchase their packages of leads to avail of their services to increase their sales in the market. 

Supplier4Buyer offers a cloud-based online platform to buyers which enables them to access the markets all over the country that helps them to explore manufacturing companies in India with their smartphone or desktops/laptops. The buyers can list their products and create an online catalogue that shows their presence on the Supplier4Buyer website leading to better and increased sales through the simplified online marketing (which aids in simpler interaction between a firm and its customers).


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