B2B E-Commerce: Agriculture and Farming Domain


Dominance of Agricultural sector in India has been discernible since the pre-independence era. The same industry is said to account for around 20% or more of the share in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation. Although it has been evident the Indian occupational structure possesses high degree of diversity and dynamism, it is an undisputable piece of information that a significant number of people in the population are still reliant on agricultural activities for sustaining their livelihood. Undoubtedly, India is said to be an Agro-based economy.

Realm of Agriculture in India is ubiquitously considered to be a broad one in terms of advancement as well as growth opportunities offered in the same sector of the nation. India stands at the 2nd place in terms of possessing farm outputs. Additionally, it tops the list of the countries with respect to its net cropped area. Moreover, India is said to have the production hub of products like milk, pulses and jute. It also was titled the position of second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton at the global industrial level. Furthermore, the nation is one of the primary producers of spices, fish, poultry, and plantation crops. In the year of 2020, approximately 42 percent of the labour force was employed in the agricultural activities in the economy.

Keeping into consideration the above mentioned facts, it can be concluded with accuracy that the scope of agricultural industry in India has an upward sloping graph and to top it all, it is said to have an increasing rate of escalation, thus making it one of the industries having the high lucrative prospects for the business firms that enter the same sector.

The digitalisation offers multiple opportunities for agricultural product marketing. One such cost effective way out is to enter the B2B E-commerce. One can enter the trade of a wide assortment of agricultural products and act as an intermediary to connect verified (listed) suppliers as well as verified buyers who seek the same area of interest.

The following are listed of some agricultural equipment and products as well as that are high in demand in the B2B industry so as to imbibe a better understanding of the varieties that are available and can be offered so as one can possess a firm hold and a prominent share in the B2B marketplace:

Agricultural Processing Plants, Agriculture Cover, Agriculture implement and Tools, Agriculture Hardware, Agriculture Implements, Agriculture Machine and Parts, Agriculture Waste, Animal and Animal Feed, Animal Food, Bio Fuel, Brush Cutter and Accessories, Cosmetics, Farm Animals, Fertilizer, Fibre Products, Garden Hand Tools, Hedge Trimmer, Insecticides, Manufacturing Parts, Plant Pots, Plant Tree Flower Leaves And Feed, Planters And Pots, Plants, Poultry, Seeds, Shell powder and Gum, Sprinklers and Pipes, Tillers and Cultivators, Watering System, Window Hardware and many more.

Methodologies to Adopt a Thriving B2B Portal in Agricultural Domain

A major factor that plays a role in determining the success of a B2B portal is the Reliability of the source of information that is being provided to both suppliers and buyers. As it is rightly said, transparency is the key to having a strong consumer base; one must lay down a great amount of emphasis on the reliability of the information that is being conveyed through one’s B2B portal. The information includes the sources from where the supply of agricultural products is obtained, the right categorisation of the products on the basis of quality and durability. Furthermore, Connecting only with the suppliers and buyers who are verified is another factor that would add up to ensuring long term growth of one’s B2B platform as the same would ensure professionalism and credibility.

Summary- Have you ever wondered about having the finest B2B marketplace in agriculture and Farming domain? Well, here are some ideologies that can guide you in the same.



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