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10 Ways to Flourish Your Export Business During the Pandemic

Several businesses have suffered in the past year due to the adverse effects of the global pandemic. It has forced many businesses to shut their operations thus affecting the lives of millions of people across the globe. Businesses are running at a slow pace and we are not even in the post-pandemic phase as various countries still struggle with the new and old strains of the deadly virus. 

The economic slowdown was witnessed throughout the globe and even one of the world’s strongest economies, the United States suffered at the hands of the Coronavirus. Businesses are trying to keep up with international trade to boost national economies. According to an article in Business Standard, the WTO forecasted a 9.2% fall in international trade for 2020 and a 7.2% increase in 2021.

Businesses are shifting to online platforms to increase sales and a combination of B2B portals and evolving online platforms can help businesses achieve their goals in export markets. Supplier4buyer offers a B2B online portal where you can register as a verified seller and get verified leads on various products. The buyers registered on the platform are verified buyers which make the whole process of getting leads genuine and simpler. 

Supplier4buyer  works in the segment of exports and has come up with three packages that deal with the alternatives provided to the exporters for their products and services, the Silver, Gold, and Diamond packages that include more and more services to exporters as we climb up the ladder. 

Here are 10 ways you can increase your exports traffic through Supplier4buyer packages in the current situation.

  1. Verified Buyers: Supplier4Buyer is the only B2B online portal that provides the sellers with verified buyers. With these packages, the sellers get 10, 20 and 40 verified buyers annually respectively through the Silver, Gold and Diamond plans.
  2. Product Profile: The three packages (Silver, Diamond & Gold) include different numbers of images and product profile depending on the plan. For instance, the Silver package includes 100 product profiles with 400 images, the Gold package comprises 200 product profiles with 800 images and the Diamond package includes 400 product profiles with 1600 images. 
  3. E-magazine: The Diamond & Gold  packages provide the suppliers with the benefit to create an e-magazine for their products which helps in generating more export traffic online.
  4. Social Media channel creation: The Gold and Diamonds plans allow the verified supplier to build social media platforms to generate traffic through the portal for their products
  5. Basic services: All the packages offered by Supplier4buyer come with a basic plan that would help businesses to flourish in trade overseas. They provide various services which include receiving unlimited yearly enquiries from buyers online, catalogue language converter and individual domains.
  6. Promotional mailers: Buyers receive the option to generate promotional emails which reach their prospective clients thus leading to maximum conversion rates
  7. Google SEO keywords limit: The Gold and Diamond plans offer a limited number of keywords that are included on the portal online to attract website traffic for the sellers.
  8. Product video presentation: The Diamond plan includes the option to create video presentations. Video marketing plays a key role in attracting customers nowadays and thus it can help in capturing export markets effectively.
  9. Email id individual domain: The Diamond plan also offers the sellers two individual email id domains which can help boost exports creating a direct link between the suppliers and buyers.
  10. Google My Business registration: It provides you with a direct spot on Google My Business which helps in multiplying the conversion rate thus creating a reliable link between the business and its clients. 

These tools along with the best product quality can help achieve businesses their export goals and increase the sales for suppliers.


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